For many years, Holly Lynch was known for her presence in front of the camera, modeling in campaigns for brands like Neutrogena, Guess, Apple, Forever 21 and Chanel to appearing in numerous television shows, including CSI: Miami, Entourage, Necessary Roughness, The Vampire Diaries, Rules of Engagement and Ray Donovan. She's also appeared in over 40 national commercials as well.  However, Lynch decided to add another skill to her growing list of talents when she chose to start a business behind the camera.

Holly Lynch Photo began after the model-actress’ hobby of taking exceptional photos on her phone turned into an opportunity to create something much greater than what she could’ve imagined. “With all my experience in front of the camera, I knew I could use it in my photography work, so one Black Friday, I decided to bite the bullet and get myself a high-end camera and just dive right into it.”

That risk quickly turned into reward when Lynch got a chance to put her natural talent to work with her modeling agency. After taking notice of her new endeavor, the agency gave her the task of shooting some test shots with the models, which in turn began what is now Lynch’s expansive and very impressive portfolio. Her photography work, which she says is always growing and perfecting, spans from headshots for talent to lifestyle photography. “Every photo tells a story and I love telling stories,” Lynch explains. “You’re capturing a moment in time, a piece of history in a single image that will last forever. I truly love that.”



"I've been an actor for over 10 years and have taken headshots with several different photographers. I had one of my best experiences taking headshots just recently with Holly! The session was fun and easy. Her prices for 2 looks were more affordable than the average photographer and the price also included 3 free retouched pics. The turnaround of receiving the pics was on the same day!! And most importantly, the shots came out super professional and were loved by my agent. Holly told me she herself is an actress/model so maybe that's why I liked my experience so much!"

Tamboura Baptiste, Actor

“Holly was beyond wonderful to work with!  She has the perfect set up, multiple backdrops to choose from, and was really easy to communicate with! I usually dread taking headshots, but she effortlessly made me feel so comfortable. I am 100% going back to her when I need to update. It was an amazing experience!!”

Christina DiBiase, Actor

“Holly is wonderful! After cutting all my hair off, I (of course) got a huge audition right after and needed new headshots ASAP!! I told her this and she was like “No problem! Let’s do this!” Holly gave me some awesome looks and got me my shots that same day! She’s definitely one of the best in the business. Thanks Holly!”

Amanda Talamantez, Actor

"They say you get what you pay for. In Holly's case, this is so not true! I contemplated going to a super expensive photographer for my new shots when Holly was recommended to me by someone I trust. Holly is a true actor's advocate and doesn't believe in charging astronomical prices for amazing headshots and that's what she delivers... amazing headshots! Working with Holly from start to finish was an incredible experience. From her makeup artist, wardrobe suggestions, lighting, backgrounds, making me feel comfortable and getting my best "work" out of me, Holly does it all! I couldn't be happier and the proof is I'm getting more auditions and my agent is thrilled with these new shots! Thank you, Holly. I will definitely be back!" #hugefan

Kimberly Demarse, Actor

"I shot with Holly for the second time today!! Second time!! I will definitely keep coming back. She is a freakin rock star! She makes you feel super comfortable, zeros in on the best shot, and shoots swiftly. So don’t be lame, get your shots done with Holly!! You won’t regret it”

Fawn Bowen, Actor

“Holly is my absolute fav! Her knowledge in front of the camera informs her experience behind the camera to be able to get the very best photos for her clients. Her unbelievably reasonable pricing and quick turn around with edits makes working with her that much better. Whether it’s headshots or a personalized creative shoot, Holly’s vision and execution never disappoints.”

Shelly Das, Actor/Model

“This was my first headshot session and Im so glad I found Holly! The process was smooth, professional and she made it fun and really captured my brand! I will definitely be using her again. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!”

Logan Howard, Actor

“I had a wonderful experience with Holly Lynch. She made me feel comfortable from the beginning. The photoshoot that we did together was my favorite shoot yet! It was a lot of fun, a lot of laughing lol. Her prices were unbeatable!! That same night she already edited two of my pictures!!! I love how fast i got my pictures back. Not only did i get great pictures out of this experience i also gained a friend.”

Amber Murphy, Model 

“This was my second time working with Holly and I’m so impressed with how these images came out. I like working with her because she creates a very inviting and collaborative environment from the start. She has an amazing eye and is very good at giving creative direction, but will also give you room to play around and have fun. Because she shoots quickly I was able to get my monies worth in images/looks. I highly suggest booking a shoot with her!”

Mickey Moulder, Model

“I went to NOHO copy and print to get my shots printed and not only did the guy at the desk recognize me in my bum clothes from the headshot I emailed him, a stranger came up and complimented the picture too!  I feel like I’ve never had shots that look so much like me while still being babely and type specific.  Huge win!!”

Risdon Roberts, Actor

"I absolutely loved working with Holly!  It was like taking pictures with a friend I had known for years.  The environment was super relaxed, professional, and efficient.  She really does not waste time at all. I usually feel very uneasy when I get headshots done, but there wasn't a hint of that working with Holly.  Couple that with her incredibly affordable rate and you'd be doing yourself a disservice to not call her immediately."

Nick Skardarasy, Actor/Comedian

"Holly is amazing! As a writer, I'm definitely more comfortable behind the camera; but even though this was my 1st headshot experience, she made me feel totally at home. She asked me which music I wanted and we cranked up Rihanna & laughed through the whole shoot (which turned into some gorgeous candid shots). She is seriously the sweetest person, so laid back but also very professional. I got all my images a few hours later and they were beautiful. I couldn't have asked for a better experience!"

Myah Hollis, Writer

“I sought out Holly after randomly catching one of her photos of a successful actor on IMDB. Her work really stood out! I was so happy that her reasonable pricing was within my budget. Holly was incredibly flexible and efficient with scheduling and payments and her makeup artist was wonderful. I never felt pressured in any way. The shoot was focused and she came up with several fun ideas and generously gave wiggle room for experimentation. Clearly she loves the art of creating something special. I highly recommend her.”

Diane Witter, Actor

"Working with Holly was wonderful!! Right off the bat she made me feel at home (I forgot to eat breakfast and she made me a smoothie). And Sofia ,her makeup artist, is a magician when it comes to hair & makeup. She knows what looks good on camera and how to make you look your best! The atmosphere during the shoot was relaxing and fun. The whole shoot felt like I was hanging out with a friend, and I left with the best headshots that I could've asked for. I've never felt so comfortable having my photo taken. If you need photos, go to Holly she's the best."

Becca Ball, Actress/Model

"Working with Holly was an absolute joy! She's a true professional that cares about her craft. Holly knows how to have fun on set: making you feel relaxed and comfortable so you can get authentic shots that bring your personality out. I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a top notch photographer!"

CJ Hammond, Actor/Model

"I met Holly in 2015.As a working actor on shows such as HBO'S Game Of Thrones I'm comfortable acting in front of the camera while taking still images has never been much of my wheelhouse. On a late Sunday afternoon I had one of the best photoshoot experiences thus far, Ms Lynch is down to earth,funny,focused and a real unique talent in LA today. I'll be shooting with her again."

Dean S. Jagger, Actor/Writer/Producer

"Holly isn't just a badass photographer, but rather tells your story through perfect shots. She knows LA, how real the struggle is and whats its like to be on both sides of the camera....and once you finally look at your pic's you're like holy shit...essence pulled right out of you."

Aaron Cohen, Weapons Specialist/Actor/Ex Israeli Defense Force/Private Military Contracting

"Holly Lynch is my go to photographer for all my photo needs; whether they may be personal or professional. I can count on her to make me feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. She allows me to have fun while she catches the moment"

Shamar Philippe, Actor/Host

"Completely professional and easy to work with. Never felt more comfortable having my picture taken."

Cory Grant, Actor

"The moment I walked into Holly's studio I felt super welcomed and immediately put to ease. Holly and I had so much fun; she was able to bring out my genuine smile through her encouraging words and easy-going personality. I will definitely ask Holly to shoot for me again."

Jillian Ferry, Actress

"Holly makes you feel at ease as there was no camera present in the room, which allowed her to catch natural moments which usually are lost in photo shoots. Directed well and enjoyed my experience"

Gianni Capaldi, Actor/Producer

"I've had my picture taken by multiple professional photographers since the 80's from NY to Chicago and here in LA and while I got some great shots, NOTHING like this. She's got a wicked level of talent . I was disarmed, put at ease and given great instruction. Holly will be my first call for any pics I may need in the future."

JoJo Tatum, Actor/Musician

"Holly is the absolute best! I've never had so much fun and been so comfortable!! By far, my favorite headshots!"

Linda Sirkedzhyan, Actress/Writer

"Can't give high enough regards to the attention of detail & comfortability she makes you feel in front of the camera. She makes you feel confident & beautiful, capturing your best moments without even trying. In front of her lens, it's nothing but a good time!"

Sofia D' marco, Actress/Makeup Artist

"Holly makes you feel super comfortable in front of the camera & is constantly throwing out ideas for new shots & poses. I loved shooting with her!"

Sarah Racey, Dancer

"Shooting with Holly has always come out great.She has amazing photography skills and knows full well how to make you look stunning.When shooting with her,she has this captivating energy to make you feel natural and that is always the key to making a great headshot.I love shooting with her, I wouldn't choose any other photographer out there"

Jason Robert Allen, Actor

"I had a great experience working with Holly!!! Her totally easy going ,yet professional attitude immediately put me at ease. We got so many great shots,it was hard to choose!!! I definitely recommend photos by Holly Lynch"

Precious McCall, Actress/Singer

"Working with Ms.Holly Lynch is nothing short of exceptional. Holly has a profound approach to making you feel more than comfortable. She has an uncanny ability to be both professional and relaxed enough to make you feel that you are shooting with a dear friend. As a working actress and model, Holly understands the industry and has an eye for both commercial,theatrical, and social media photography. I would highly recommend Holly Lynch Photography for anybody looking for fresh headshots and or portfolio updates."

Maxine Goynes, Actress/Model

"Shooting with Holly was a blast! I've never had more fun on a photo shoot. Holly has a knack for capturing the best candid moments. My favorite shots were not the posed ones, but all the real ones in between. If you aren't comfortable with posing like I was, Holly keeps you actively involved in the process, showing you the shots as you go so you can adjust. Her makeup/hair stylist Sofia is fabulous, willing to collaborate with you on exactly what look you want & enhancing it with beautiful precision. Sofia is also very attentive as you shoot, making sure no stray hair get away. Bonus: I brought my own champagne and we sipped in between shots. It felt less like a shoot & more like hanging with your best friends."

Nina Gosiengfiao, Actress

"Working with Holly was a lot of fun! I was pleased to show up and find that she had already put great consideration into the styling of the shots. The cloths she picked were adorable, i even purchased a few pieces! I appreciated her timely approach to each shot.Each look would take anywhere from 15-20min max!The atmosphere was upbeat & lighthearted-just like spending a day with your friend.I was very pleased with the images & was impressed with her eye for detail & composition.One of the images we captured remains one of my top favorites in my portfolio.I would absolutely recommend her to my friends, I look forward to working with her again!"

Kendall Carrol, Model

"Had such a great time shooting with Holly. She was super friendly,professional & didn't waste any time.Her spot is super cute & I felt comfortable the entire time.The flow of the shoot was smooth & really fun!I felt like I was just hanging out bouncing ideas off eachother & shooting away.I highly recommend her to anyone looking for new headshots,portraits, or character shots.This is was a great experience for me & I love the images she created! Thank you Holly"

Cassie Giuliano, Hair Stylist/Model

"My Boyfriend & I had the pleasure of shooting with Holly recently, for a couples shoot, and we absolutely loved the experience!! She was extremely easy to work to communicate w/ beforehand,making sure we felt excited to shoot & knew what to expect! Our shoot was a fun short 30min shoot, but in that time we got so many great images of us being goofy & romantic! Holly had ideas for where & what to shoot,but was also really open to any ideas we had.She is a really a lovely person & her photos are wonderful as well as her editing! Here in LA, I've paid 2xs Holly's rate for a shoot, despite lasting an hour, only gave me a couple pics I actually liked. Holly's 30min shoot gave me TONS!! Holly clearly cares about her clients satisfaction & works hard to achieve the photo's you want!!"

Alina Maris, Actor/Singer

"Holly made my entire experience very light & bubbly. Even the more serious/stoic shots have a certain ease & joy to them. I felt super comfortable shooting with her, feeling very free to play with angles and different locations"

Joseph Valenta, Actor/Model

"I've had the pleasure of shooting with Holly a couple times now and I can say they have been by far my favorite. Holly has a special way of finding people's best qualities & then bringing them out to make beautiful photo's. Since she is a working actor herself, she knows what casting directors, agents,managers etc are looking for & will help you achieve that. Anyone looking for a great photographer and an overall fun experience I would highly recommend shooting with Ms Lynch."

Sophie Gotberg, Model/Actress

"I came across Holly through social media & was excited to shoot with her. She was super open to all my crazy ideas & was very down to earth. I had so much fun shooting & you can really see my comfort & soul reflected in the images we got. I recommended her to a bunch of my friends & 2 have already had sessions with her!! My agents have chosen 2 great pictures to upload onto my profile which is the ultimate test! Would highly recommend.

Devyn Labella, Actress/Contortionist

"Holly is beyond amazing!!! She is the perfect combination of professional & fun. More than directing,she guided me through the shoot w/ ease & comfort. She let me do my own thing when I was in the groove & provided suggestions & positioning when I fell flat. In a lil over an hour I got a multitude of usable images that I can use in different applications. We jived well, laughed a lot, & had a great time while getting the work done....Onto details: The space is warm & inviting. She used a combo of natural light & studio light. There's a wardrobe rack to hang your clothing & hangers in case you need them. She has a number of different colored backdrops to match & enhance any outfit and really make you POP! I will be back time and again. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a fun & comfortable shoot"

Lola Paja, Actress